QTPoC Films Matter! Help fund the must-see documentary: I Identify As Me.

People of Color (POC) Productions is just $600 away from reaching their fundraising goal of $2,000 for the I Identify As Me Documentary! Join us in helping to spread the word about this much-needed film which celebrates QTPoC who identify as masculine-presenting/genderfluid women and gender non-conforming (GNC). Why is this important? Representation matters! This documentary gives folks who can identify with the … Continue reading QTPoC Films Matter! Help fund the must-see documentary: I Identify As Me.

Event of the Week: I Identify as Me Documentary Sneak Preview.

If you're in New York this upcoming week block off March 28th for an exclusive sneak preview of I Identify as Me. We've been following this production and are excited to see the documentary moving forward. Join the Facebook Event now for more details.

Sex Education Shouldn’t Stop in High School

We covered the Sex Exchange's upcoming event Sexual Wellness: an Interactive Panel about Defining & Achieving Sexual Wellness on AfroPhilly.com! Read more to find out why Adult Sexual Education is essential to our Sexual Wellness. Event Info below! Article: Sex Education Shouldn't Stop in High School Next Event on Saturday, March 16th. Get tickets here.

Black is the New Boudoir.

let's strip. It's time to strip. It's time to unravel, layer by layer, hundreds of years of institutionalized self-scrutiny, perverse concepts of one's physical self, and the idea that we as people of color (POC) should strive to maintain our "decency" by way of not celebrating or exposing our bodies. Historically, POC have been hyper-sexualized … Continue reading Black is the New Boudoir.