boi | dust: a non-binary scent for us by us.

Just in time for the holiday 2018 season, Lezcronymz and Strange Fruit Fragrance, LLC recently partnered to create unique scent that embodies both masculine and feminine energy. Named boi dust, (emphasis on the "i") creators wanted to concoct a gender-neutral/non-binary scent that anyone could wear. The first demo of the scent was given at Brown Girl Party's Winter … Continue reading boi | dust: a non-binary scent for us by us.

Black is the New Boudoir.

let's strip. It's time to strip. It's time to unravel, layer by layer, hundreds of years of institutionalized self-scrutiny, perverse concepts of one's physical self, and the idea that we as people of color (POC) should strive to maintain our "decency" by way of not celebrating or exposing our bodies. Historically, POC have been hyper-sexualized … Continue reading Black is the New Boudoir.

Love is On the Menu in Philly

The relationship between nutrition, mental health and health overall is one that is ignored far too often. Inner city children are quickly written off as “behavioral problems” and swiftly ushered into the world of corrective interventions without taking a deeper look at environmental contributors. Ericka Stewart, the founder of Everyone Love Someone has a  different approach and it … Continue reading Love is On the Menu in Philly