Disturbing New Stats on Black LGBTQ Youth

"It’s no secret that the intersection of being queer and black creates a lot of marginalization, but many are not aware of just how much queer, black youth are at risk. A recent report from the Human Rights Campaign that looked at black, LGBTQ youth shows that nearly half of these youths are ridiculed by family members … Continue reading Disturbing New Stats on Black LGBTQ Youth

Black is the New Boudoir.

let's strip. It's time to strip. It's time to unravel, layer by layer, hundreds of years of institutionalized self-scrutiny, perverse concepts of one's physical self, and the idea that we as people of color (POC) should strive to maintain our "decency" by way of not celebrating or exposing our bodies. Historically, POC have been hyper-sexualized … Continue reading Black is the New Boudoir.