Edible Podcast Season One Finale! Anti-Thirst Trappin for Sexual Content Creators & Sexy Muh’fkas w/ Special Guest AJ “Badass” Jones!

Edible Podcast is your plug for orally fixated lesbian & cannabis culture. Roll up & tune in.

Anti-Thirst Trappin for Sexual Content Creators & Sexy Muh’fkas. Your favorite lesbian host Fame & Special AJ “Badass” Jones host of the Pum Pum Chronicles discuss the woes that come with being sexual content creators! Stalkers, fanatics, crazy exes? Learn the best practices for staying safe in a world where everyone knows your name (cue Cheers theme song). Listen to episode ten now!

Special Guest: AJ “Badass” Jones (she/her), Host, Pum Pum Chronicles. AJ is a Jamaican-born, Canadian-Raised, Womxn-Identified, Podcast & YouTube Host and Sexual Content Creator. The Pum Pum Chronicles is a personal “life-based” podcast, that provides soul nourishing advice and insight on dating, love, relationships, intimacy and sex, spiced with cultural diversity, hilarity, and Jamaican-Canadian flare.

Edible Artist of the Month: Nee Nee

I am Mary Jane X because our freedom can’t wait.

Black Dragon Breakfast Club & Edible Podcast is dedicating the month of May to destigmatize cannabis use in the Black community.

As black women we are committed to shifting the perceptions, removing the stigma and re-educating our people so that we may be stronger and in unity through the fight against capitalism.
Join us as we #sparkthestigma. Share your cannabis stories all month long with the hashtag #SPARKTHESTIGMA.
Our bright futures depend on us.


Its Tea Time Somewhere!

It’s Tea Time Somewhere! In our NEWEST Edible Podcast Segment we’ll be commenting on the finest in online literary content! Send us tea bags. Send us tea cups. It’s Tea Time Bitch.

Original piece “Funny Women: A Primer on Womansplaining by Segal Archer

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