Edible Podcast Episode Eight: Out the Closet In2 Pussy w/ Special Guest Sean Crenshaw of BeTrueBu!

Out The Closet In2 Pussy“. Your favorite lesbian host Fame & Special Guest Sean Crenshaw creator of the BeTrueBu Dating & Social App discuss the importance of having a dating app for LGBTQ “Out” Womxn of Color! Listen to episode eight now!

Special Guest: Sean Crenshaw (she/her), Owner, BeTrueBu. Sean is a Black lesbian owner of betruebu.com who created the site to give women of color who are OUT better choices for dating.

“My goal was to create a safe space that celebrates all that we are and focuses on communication to build relationships versus just looks.”–Sean Crenshaw.

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Suck on This:

African American people are chosen somewhere between 11-13% of the time when we’re in the pool with everyone else.”–Sean Crenshaw, BeTrueBu Dating & Social App

Edible Artist of the Month: Rosa Nice

Rosa Nice is an entertainer whose spirit drifts in the wind, and one whose music touches all. She believes that from dust we are all born, and to dust we all return. Rosa currently resides in Philadelphia, but she lays claim to the whole Earth as her stomping grounds. The product of a military family, Rosa is a pretty one to look at, but her mesmerizing harmonies and her memorable melodies are what keep your intention as she continues to grow as a musician, a writer, an entertainer, and a person. Determined to succeed after separating from an abusive husband, Rosa found that her only way out of depression was through music and self-love.

Its Tea Time Somewhere!

It’s Tea Time Somewhere! In our NEWEST Edible Podcast Segment we’ll be commenting on the finest in online literary content! Send us tea bags. Send us tea cups. It’s Tea Time Bitch.

Original piece “Funny Women: A Primer on Womansplaining by Segal Archer

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