Edible Podcast Episode Seven: So You Wanna Be a Heaux w. Special Guest Finessica!

Call Me “Miss Heaux”. Your favorite lesbian host Fame & Special Guest Finessica discuss using degrading terms like “heaux” and “bitch” with sexual partners. Does your partner have to think you’re funny for you to date them? Did Finessica finesse Fame into a Tiger King Sex Tape? Probably, she’s a heaux. Welp. Listen to episode seven now!

Special Guest: Comedian Finessica. Finessica is a Philly area comedian who hosts the Comedy Show Broad Humor at Dirty Franks when the Corona Virus isn’t ruining lives and laughs. Dirty Franks has a H-O-T bartender, too. Just saying. Look out for some of Finessica’s virtual comedy shows coming soon!

Suck on This:

Transgender Latinx Activist Lorena Borjas Dies from Corona Virus

Tiger King Transgender Man Misgendered Throughout the Series

Idiots Think the Corona Virus is being Spread by Asians & Transgender People

Marvel reveals First, Non-Binary Super Hero—and yes they transform from Blue to Pink

NEW Segment! Edible Podcast present It’s Tea-Time Somewhere! Lady Tea covers the finest in literary works! This week’s Tea-Time featured a Haiku taken from “The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (With Cats!)” by Anna Pulley. The collection aims to attack lesbian stereotypes (because we’re vicious cats rawwwwwr!) via the power of Haiku. Who knew English class would be so meaningful? Listen now.

Higher Vocab of the Week: Collywobble. Listen to find out what that weird shit means.

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