Edible Podcast Episode Six: Can white Lesbians use the term “stud”?

Listen to Episode Six Now!

Should white lgbtq womxn be able to call themselves “studs”? If someone wants a sexually-based relationship should they sugarcoat it or be straight up? Are bisexual womxn better at giving head to a strap? You already know the vibes. Listen now.

Special Guests: Spoken Word & Podcast Producer Mahogany Major & Make-Up Artist Shannon Neal.

This Episode Sponsored by: Rad Pride (radpride.com) & Lady Crayola (@iamladycrayola).

Listen to Face to Face by Aizhyy KO feat. Kyte Wilson now!

Edible Artist of the Month: Aizhyy KO; Song Title: Face to Face feat. Kyte Wilson; Composed & Performed by Aizhane.

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