We’re rollin’ with Stay Lyfted our newest Reignbow Lite Sponsor for Queer Outta Philly!

Lezcronymz is proud to welcome it’s newest Sponsor Stay Lyfted to the fam! Stay Lyfted is a Womxn and Black Owned Business (hell yeah!) whose mission is:

“to celebrate the feminine cannabis experience, end the stigma associated with cannabis, and own our love of the cannabis lifestyle.”

Our fabulous sponsor will be helping us stay lyfted on October 12th with their Relaxation CBD Bath Bombs and Kinda Classy, Kinda High Pre-Roll Cones!

The CBD Bath Bombs are made with natural, essential aromatic oils and infused with cannabinoids. Each bath bomb contains 100 mg of Cannabinoids which makes them perfect for transforming your bath from ordinary to extraordinary!

The Pre-Roll Cone is ultra thin and burns slow. They are made with natural coloring made from tasteless hempseed oil and natural pigments.

The Prize Winners on our Party Bus will get some awesome CBD infused Bath Bombs thanks to our Reignbow Lite Sponsor Stay Lyfted!

Follow Stay Lyfted on Instagram!

“Together we can stay lyfted.”

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