Baked & Fucked becomes Reignbow Royale Sponsor for the Queer Outta Philly Party Bus!

Lezcronymz is proud to welcome it’s newest Sponsor Baked & Fucked to the fam! Baked & Fucked makes edibles and other cannabis infused products that leave you asking yourself: Should I get baked, or fucked first? The answer: #boffum.

Their Baked Goods are bakery worthy—not the dry Rice Krispies edibles we’ve all consumed at one point or another. Christina, the owner, has enjoyed baking far before edibles became a thing on the East Coast and combines her love for tasty baked treasures with her love for cannabis. The Turtle Cookies have a super gooey caramel middle that melts in your mouth but the edibles aren’t the only thing that will melt in your mouth.

Baked & Fucked THC Infused Lube

You can catch Christina whipping up a fresh batch of infused Baked & Fucked Love Butter. Infused with what you ask? Full-Spectrum Cannabis. B&F is facilitating some high-class vaginal activity with this one. I bet your next question is: “Someone can get high through their vagina?” Yes, my child, we can in fact get high through our vaginas. Just when you thought you were out of ways to get high. As Baked & Fucked explained: We have cannabinoid receptors located throughout our bodies. Scientists first discovered receptors in our brain and nerves, but later discovered that cannabinoid receptors are also present in our skin, heart, gastrointestinal tract, and reproductive organs (ahem, your vagina).

How the Baked & Fucked Love Butter Works:

Users are instructed to insert the Love Butter (lube) as deep into the vaginal canal as possible about 20 minutes before intercourse/play. It sounds cumbersome but get creative with it. You can ask your partner to help you out with a little foreplay or you can engage in self-help (masturbation) as so many of us do in times of dry-spells. Either way—prepare yourself to be Royally fucked (in a good way).

Crossfades (THC infused Alcohol) by Baked & Fucked.
Get them on the Queer Outta Philly Party Bus Oct. 12th!

It can take up to three applications before your cannabinoid receptors are fully activated for you to get the maximum benefits of the THC. When it happens, be sure to tell the world how you got @baked_and_fucked by our Reignbow Royale Sponsor.

Each guest on our Party Bus gets a free sample of Baked & Fucked Love Butter in each of their swagbags! Get Baked & Fucked!

Follow Baked & Fucked on Instagram!

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