Blanco Beads becomes Reignbow Lite Sponsor for the Queer Outta Philly Party Bus!

Lezcronymz is proud to welcome it’s newest Sponsor Blanco Beads to the fam! Blanco Beads creates hand-crafted body jewelry, with a focus on crystal implemented waist-beads. Not only are their beads gorgeous— Blanco Beads is also LGBTQ Owned! Okkkurt!

Their beads are almost entirely sourced from Lagos, Nigeria. All waist-beads are hand-made by the Owner/CEO, Blanco Bey, who seeks to empower womxn with her custom pieces.

Our goal is not only to allow the woman to feel beautiful in an authentic piece of jewelry, but also to promote woman empowerment and spiritual awareness through our custom pieces. We have the ability to create pieces for ALL.

Blanco Bey, CEO, Blanco Beads

Each guest on our Party Bus gets at least one chance to snatch a Blanco Beads Waist Bead & Anklet Set— not to mention handmade waist beads in each of their swagbags! Treat yourself to Blanco Beads!

Benevolent. Bold. Beautiful.

Blanco Beads

Follow Blanco Beads on Instagram or browse their collection now!

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