Mind Your Biz Feature: Too Dope Chicks are Starting a Dope Chick Movement!

Too Dope Chicks owners Gemma and Kerri are craftspeople at heart. From handmade jewelry and accessories to unique prints the duo has been putting out some dope pieces since its inception a little over a year ago. They represent womxn owned small businesses and are allies of the LGBTQ Community which resonates in their motto: “Be Yourself Loudly.

Gemma and Kerri specialize in  Afro-Bohemian & other culturally diverse jewelry, adornments, accessories, and home goods. They offer original photography prints & custom creations that showcase the art that is all around us. 

“We cater to customers who value the freedom to be themselves authentically and desire an exclusive shopping experience when it comes to their wearable art & the art exhibited in their personal spaces.”

Too Dope Chicks

It’s bigger than business for Gemma and Kerri as they hope to organize a “dope chick” movement which we are absolutely here for! The two are organizing a collective for creative womxn to showcase their artistic passions. 

“We believe in the power of empowered women and hope to create a dope chick movement, inviting womxn to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets their souls on fire.”

Too Dope Chicks

In the near future they plan to attend the  Soda City Market  in Columbia, SC—a weekly Main Street event that features over 100 culturally diverse vendors. They also have plans to expand business operations to Atlanta, GA so look out for Too Dope Chicks Atlanta! 

We got all up in Too Dope Chicks Gemma & Kerri’s Biz about their journey with starting a business. Come get this inspiration!

What do you feel were the critical ingredients in you getting to where you are with your business?

Making room for it. Focusing on creatively expressing ourselves as a form of self-care and preservation

Having a friend and business partner to maneuver through the pitfalls and celebrate the accomplishments with.

Finding supportive communities of artists & entrepreneurs to learn from and network with. Continuously seeking out opportunities to learn & grow. 

Doing it our way. Not letting anyone else make decisions for us and not allowing negativity to damper our shine. 

Being intentional about what we do. Finding a business plan & method that fit for both of us. Being open-minded & flexible, while simultaneously focused on our goals.

Allowing room for compromise and continuous communication.

What words of encouragement do you have for other womxn starting their own business?

DO IT. Trust your intuition & don’t limit yourself. Make a plan and get started on it. Seek out local resources and mentors–don’t be afraid to ask questions and look for support. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you have setbacks (because you will, and that’s okay). Keep moving forward. Keep learning. Keep loving yourself. Keep following your passion and manifesting your dreams.”

Too Dope Chicks

You can check out their dope ass products and support womxn owned biz by visiting them online or follow them on Instagram at @toodopechicks

To request Too Dope Chicks at your next event send an email to toodopechicks803@gmail.com 

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