Power 99 Philly’s Rise and Grind Morning Show Under Fire in the LGBTQA Community for Negating Intersectionality with Offensive Tweet.

In true Power 99 Philly fashion, I’m going to just throw this out there. I mean, I’m not even going to edit it because fuck it, who thinks twice before publishing anymore?

Who THEE STALLION is your PR and/or Content Coordinator? Let’s be real—most of us in Philly don’t actually look to Power 99 for insight on real-life problems. Aside from Attorney Big Al’s paid partnership where during their legal “informational” program we’re told that we’re fucked if we can’t afford an attorney—which many of the blacks in the Philly legal system can’t—we certainly don’t expect their radio personalities to consciously address LGBTQ or Womyn’s issues. That would be outside of their expertise….

Read the full story on Afrophilly.com

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