Why we shouldn’t consider Kylie Jenner a self-made—anything: Meet Pat McGrath, the real self-made billionaire of 2018.

Okay, so recently we published a snippet of an article on Kylie Jenner being the (keyword) youngest, self made billionaire which is a true and admirable feat; however, we couldn’t help but take this opportunity to honor someone who is TRULY self-made. Building themselves, no family wealth and with a child from the ground up we welcome to our blog Pat McGrath!

McGrath popped up on the radar in numerous online resources in 2018 due to Pat McGrath Labs surpassing Kylie Cosmetics by reaching a net-worth of $1-Billion. Why is this important? Because a Black Woman has succeeded against the odds of Poverty, Single-Parenthood, and having to work two jobs to fund her make-up career without the obvious perks of growing up Kardashian to truly become a self-made billionaire. This is the definition of “self-made.” Side note: Can I borrow $100.00, Pat?

No shade, but to be economically accurate the Kardashian Family is filthy rich. Recent reports estimate the family net worth at some ga-jillion dollars (no seriously i’m not adding that up) but you can see the breakdown here on Harper’s BAZAAR.

Needless to say, wealth=privilege=opportunity=shall I go on? Shortie got the juice because she’s a Kardashian. If their damn dogs decided to start a YouTube Channel it would be inherently successful because thats how stardom works. They’d be able to walk in the door of any cosmetic corporate headquarters with their name alone to back them up and close the deal. No introduction, no pitch just straight up “I’m a Kardashian BI-OTCH. At least that’s how I’d kick it.

We (the not so famous or economically privileged) on the other hand, work our asses off to establish meaningful industry connections, raise capital, and create brand awareness fueled by an ever-shrinking marketing budget. Let’s toss in being a Single, Black, Parent and you have a recipe for a fucking monster. I’m positive-outcome oriented. Single Moms are BEASTS.

It doesn’t help that Forbes Magazine put Kylie Jenner on their cover over Pat McGrath. I guess we value rich people doing rich shit over actual monumental success—and the success of a single-parent, black woman nonetheless. Sensationalism over representation. A Black woman takes the back seat, again. Are black women not in your demographic, Forbes? Asking for a friend.

This is nothing new in America though (this is where Living in America by James Brown cues). Ya’ll seen Coming to America with Eddie Murphy right? Anyway.

Forbes mission isn’t to honor the economical advancements of people of color. We all have shit to sell and being economically privileged gives you the marketing dollars and clout to do it. These are the brakes.

Let’s end this on a positive note, though. We’re kicking ASS under the radar. Let’s keep that same energy going and spread the good news on the successes and contributions of women of color.

I highlight unconventional Black and Brown and QTPOC Leaders who are doing the damn thing.

If you have a project that you would like to be covered please send a brief summary to lezcronymz@gmail.com.

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