Lesbian & Bisexual Women found to be more overweight than heterosexual women.

Recent study finds that Lesbian & Bisexual Women are found to be more overweight than heterosexual women. I can think of a few biased reasons for this:

  1. Gay Women probably spend less time comparing themselves to other women and therefore are less body-conscious.
  2. Non-heteronormative standards allow for lgbtq women to dictate their own body-positive standards which, in the heterosexual world consist of virtually impossible body ideals.
  3. Our average amount of cuddle time is probably like 17 hours per day. Lots of time to put on pounds and eat your latest charcuterie spread.
  4. To be honest, I’m late for a showing of “Death of Becomes Her” so leave some reasons in the comment section below!

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Read original article on the Independent here!

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