“I Identify as Me” an exploration of gender identity & other queer things.

“I Identify as Me.” If you consider yourself under the LGBTQ Spectrum (or even if not) you’ve probably uttered these words at least once in your “Queer”eer. That’s a play on “Career” and “Queer” if you didn’t catch that.

“I Identify As Me” a social justice documentary.

People of Color Productions brings you a documentary that explores the many identities— or chosen lack there of—in the LGBTQ Community. The production is led by a team of Queer Women of Color (HEEEEEL YES!) including Co-Directors and Producers Tina Colleen and Monick Monell, and Director of Photography and Editor Safiyah Chiniere.

“Stereotypes, the absence of non-binary mainstream rhetoric, and prejudices within our own sub-communities can inhibit true gender and sexual exploration. “

That on top of the fact that we are often involuntarily solicited to self-identify and “pick a team” (a team which is usually guarded by a self-dubbed Gay-keeper) renders most of us queer folx afraid or too confused to make a definitive choice. Needless to say we end up running back and forth between sides like in the timeless childhood game “Red Rover.” So what’s a gay to do?

I Identify As Me features the stories of people representing different walks of life on how they have come to and continue to explore gender from their own valid and unique perspectives. Heteronormativity in queer relationships, sexual-fluidity, bisexuality, and polyamory are just a few of the topics explored throughout the documentary.

The Cast includes: Charlie Trotman, Chayse Attah, Frankie Classe, Lydia X. Z. Brown, Meek Jaffe, Monick Monell, Neha Ghosh, and TJ Love.

Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel for official release dates! For additional information send an email to info@pocproductions.com.

Watch the I Identify As Me Teaser now!

If you would like to get in touch with the I Identify As Me project, please visit them via FacebookInstagram, or on their website.

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